Why Travel and Tour with ZimConnect?

At ZimConnect we are customer focused and able to offer you quality travel and tours to suit your needs, be they business or pleasure. We are able to arrange domestic and international tour packages for you. We can help you choose a package that is tailored to your needs. With our experience in the travel […]

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Travel Zimbabwe with ZimConnect!

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country endowed with great sites. Our country simply offers some of the best tourism destinations in the world. A land which once experienced, is never forgotten, with a mood to suit the needs of any soul. Situated on a high plateau of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe welcomes you to a land rich in […]


International Destinations, with Zim Connect

Let ZimConnect be your travel partner around the world. We will take care of your visa application, airline ticketing, travel insurance, accommodation and much more! We offer the best international travel packages out of Zimbabwe, to amazing destinations such as Dubai, Tokyo, London, Paris and New York, just to name a few. Do not pass […]